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24 May 2009 @ 03:14 am
A-kon 20 Here we come!  
Oh man... 3 days left... well til I leave for Dallas. But really theres about 4 or 5 days. But who cares about logic! Anyways. I'll give you guys a scope of where I'll be and who I'll be incase you wanna see me!


Thursday is my get my badge day. That's probably all I'll be doing that day. I might dress up in cosplay and take some pics here and there. But pretty much thats my preperation day.

Friday: Once we check in to the hotel I'll be meeting up with everyone in my party near the dealer's room. I'll be in my Almaz costume. I most likely will be getting me a new wig that day cuz I don't particularly like the wig I have right now. But oh well. LOOK FOR ALMAZ! That'll be me... probably the only one there... if there are more, I'll be amazed!

Saturday: That's my fuuuun day. I get to Momo Hinamori and piss people off. Lol. I will be with Captain Aizen and Lt. Gin. I have a photoshoot in one of the meeting rooms at noon so if you're Bleach cosplaying that day I'll probably see you. There are gonna probably be more Momo Hinamori's there ... so don't worry about finding me that day lol. And do not get me cosfused with the wanna be Momo that I dislike... >.> Anywho...

Sunday: Free day! I will be in my Roy Mustang in a Miniskirt costume that day. I've posted on the A-kon forums and so many people wanna take a picture of or with me that day. Lol. I'll probably change my costume midway throught the day though cuz that costume is hot. XD So We'll see.

But hopefully I'll see you all there!

Tata! See you in 5 days!
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