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14 June 2009 @ 12:30 pm
Youtube wisdom!  
Tired of seeing "Audio disabled" on most of your videos? Tired of youtubes CRAP?! Well I found the simplest solutions are the best. Do what it tells you to do. I've had plenty of experience with this kind of crap. At least 6 of my videos were subject to "copyright infringment" or whatever they call it. Well I got pissed of taking down my videos one day and went through the whol "dispute claim" process it tells you about in the thing. Sure enough if you say the right thing and do what it says (I said things like "freedom" and stuff about how other videos have this audio and how it wasn't fair and that I knew I didn't own it and wasn't making a profit.) It'll work most of the times. Well all the time for me. Within an hour to a few days later all the videos had their audio back.

Youtube may be a douch, but sometimes the best solution is to follow some of their crap. And if you don't wanna deal with that, just post it elsewhere.
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